EBOOK: Sergei's I Want Abs Meal Plan by Sergei Boutenko

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Sergei's I Want Abs Meal Plan is a detailed 61-page ebook, which describes my current diet. This meal plan is the exact same one I followed during the making of my 2015 film titled: "I Want Abs." This ebook is a culmination of 23+ years of experimentation, expert opinion from my trainers, and over 20 months of detailed food science research.

Sergei's I Want Abs Meal Plan Ebook Contains:

• 71 delicious, healthy, easy-to-make recipes

• Tested advise about how to make your diet both satisfying and effective at shedding fat

• Gimmick-free advice about how to eat to achieve lasting results without damaging your metabolism

• Sergei's thoughts On Veganism (after 18 years as a strict vegan)

• Expert opinion about how to cheat on your diet like a pro and why it's a good idea to do this from time to time

•Tips on how to stay moderate and actually enjoy the process of getting fit

• A list of helpful, inexpensive kitchen tools that will enhance food preparation

• And lots more!

What Results You Can Expect From This Program?

The meal plan described in this ebook helped me achieve and maintain the body of my dreams. It’s based largely on the premise that fresh, organic, whole food is good for humans and highly processed, overcooked food is bad. As such, it will guide you to consume more healthy ingredients and steer you away from junk food. If you follow the guidelines I have laid out in these pages, I believe you, too, will achieve fantastic results. This should especially be the case if you pair healthy eating with a regular exercise routine.

Technical Download Information

Every purchase comes with two identical ebook files:

A.) One high resolution ebook (6.9MB) suggested for people with fast internet connections

 B.) One reduced resolution ebook (1.6 MB) suggested for slower web connections.


Happy reading!

If you'd like to learn more about I Want Abs the Movie please visit: http://www.iwantabsmovie.com.

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EBOOK: Sergei's I Want Abs Meal Plan by Sergei Boutenko

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