MOVIE: Powered By Green Smoothies (a new film by Sergei Boutenko)

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Can green smoothies positively affect athletes?

In the summer of 2013 Sergei Boutenko put 10 endurance athletes (five ultra-runners and five CrossFitters) on green smoothies and followed them around with his camera to find out the answer to this question.

Starting out as healthy athletes (or so they thought!), 10 individuals embark on a six-week experiment of continuing their typical training and racing regimen, but with one major difference: they are drinking a quart of green smoothies every day.

You'll be astonished at the results that begin to emerge. From a decrease in injuries to feeling supercharged to run for hours on end, there might be a bit more to smoothies than just tasting delicious.

If you like to exercise, you need to see this film! 

Run time: Approximately 60 minutes


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MOVIE: Powered By Green Smoothies (a new film by Sergei Boutenko)

0 ratings
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