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THE COMPLETE WILD EDIBLES PACKAGE (HD Movie+10 eBooks) by Sergei Boutenko will get you foraging for delicious, nutritious wild edibles in no time. This bundle is intended for beginner/intermediate wild edibles enthusiasts. It's jam packed with hundreds of colorful photos, beautiful HD video, and tried and true guidelines to help you forage safely and responsibly.

This whole bundle is offered for only $30.

When you purchase the COMPLETE WILD EDIBLES PACKAGE, you will receive Sergei's entire wild edibles library (HD Movie+10 eBooks) instantly via digital download.

This package consists of the following:

1.) Common Weeds And Wild Edibles Of The World (HD Movie)

2.) Wild Edibles Cheat Sheet (eBook)

3.) Cattails (eBook)

4.) Summer Edibles (eBook)

5.) The Most Poisonous Plants (eBook)

6.) Edible Trees (eBook)

7.) Edible Berries (eBook)

8.) Edible Flowers (eBook)

9. ) Edible Grasses (eBook)

10.) Winter Edibles (eBook)

11.) Tips For Identifying New Plants (eBook)

Q: Why digital?

A: You might not always have your wild edibles guidebook handy when you're out and about, but you will most likely have your phone or tablet. Upload Sergei's movie and eBooks to your device of choice and use them to help you identify free food trailside!

Detailed Product Info:

1.) Common Weeds And Wild Edibles Of The World is an instructional video on how to safely and sustainably harvest, clean, and prepare the most common wild edibles. In addition to in-depth instruction on how to forage for over a dozen edible plants, this movie also contains many useful tips that will help you reduce your monthly food bill and allow you to enjoy new healthful culinary flavors.

2.) Wild Edibles Cheat Sheet is a 2-page eBook with precise descriptions and clear images of common wild edibles. Save this eBook to your computer, phone, or tablet and take it with you on your next picnic or backpacking trip.

3.) Cattails is an 8-page eBook that covers important topics such as safe harvesting locations of the cattail plant, harvesting techniques, poisons lookalikes, and survival applications. Read this eBook and become an expert at using cattails.

4.) In Summer Wild Edibles (11-page eBook) Sergei walks the reader through his 5 favorite summer wild edibles. These super nutritious plants will boost your health, and help your feel safer and more comfortable in nature. Once you learn to recognize these key edibles, the forest will resemble a giant garden full of food.

5.) In The Most Poisonous Plants (13-page eBook) Sergei covers the most poisonous plants one should AVOID when foraging for wild edibles. Being able to identify non-edible plants is an important part of becoming an expert forager. Read this eBook to hone your wildcrafting skills.

6.) In Edible Trees (10-page eBook) Sergei covers six different edible trees and talks about the parts that are safe to consume. In a survival situation, knowing which trees are edible can be extremely beneficial. Read this book and become an expert on edible trees.

7.)  Edible Berries (15-page eBook) will teach you where to look and what to look for to find nature’s most delicious berries. This eBook will get you well on your way to collecting buckets of edible berries and enjoying their blissful taste and nutrition.

8.) Edible Flowers is an 18-page eBook. Gorgeous color photographs show off 14 different edible flowers in all their glory and help readers identify these awesome blooming plants. Read this eBook and learn how to make your cuisine taste and look FANTASTIC!

9.) Edible Grasses (10-page eBook) has many helpful charts and photographs that make identifying edible grassed easy. Sergei covers choice locations for harvesting and explains how to access the tender sweet nodes that hide at the elbows of the grass stems.

10.) In Winter Edibles (9-page eBook) Sergei covers 3 winter wild edibles. Read this eBook to find out what to forage for during the colder months of the year when most wild edibles are not in season.

11.) In Tips For Identifying New Plants (8-page eBook) Sergei talks about the identifying characteristics of plants. Learning about the shapes, textures, and patterns of plants can take the guessing out of foraging and make wild crafting a more enjoyable and safer experience.


1 HD film + 10 eBooks for $30. Everything will be delivered digitally via email.

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